Four athletes in lunge position with kettlebells

Professional Fitness Training

Thomas Roe (T.Roe) is the coach, owner and founder of Local Moves. He is an experienced group fitness instructor, endurance athlete, accomplished triathlete Blah, Blah, Blah… Who gives a sh!t. I doubt you’re still reading this…

Local Moves isn’t about T.Roe, it’s about you, your focus, commitment and desire to live fit. He can’t want it for you, nor will he do your work Buuuuut… He has provided an environment that will help level the playing field outside the studio.

Specialized & Personalized Classes

Take advantage of our Curated Classes to target your specific needs. We thrive on long-term client relationships, professional coaching, top-tier consulting, and specialized care to understand every body’s needs. Connect with Thomas for more insights.

Athlete in lunge position using gym machine