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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Studio With Personalized Coaching.

Row of athletes training in a gym doing TRX fitness workout

San Antonio TEXAS TUFF Fitness Training

Epicenter of San Antonio Fitness has been redefined, there’s a “new sheriff” in town and it’s Local Moves. Local Moves isn’t just a (HIIT) studio, it’s a community, a life-style, a way of life – designed to challenge you both mentally and physically all while being time and focus conscientious. Each class is 45-50 minutes, cardio, endurance and stamina based. Our fitness programs and workouts are results-driven. Your fitness training journey begins here!

Method to our (madness) system

Scientifically and athletically tested and proven. You are an athlete, so train like one! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, spartan or triathlete, our classes are designed to push you harder in a semi private group setting then you ever would on your own. Our unique “buddy system” is designed to keep you personally and team accountable. That’s right, buddy system. You’ll team up with another athlete in each class where you will be pushed, challenged and held to a higher standard then just self. Game on!

Become a Better Version of You…

Combining the latest fitness technology and science, we offer coach-inspired group workouts that ensures positive results. Push yourself to be fitter every day and get back to life with refined confidence. Our instructors are highly trained and knowledgeable to understand the needs of each athlete and offers the best solutions to become your best versions. Work hard and watch life give back plenty!

What Our Athletes Say

Athlete swimming in a pool

As an avid runner, I knew I needed to cross train but swimming? I started training with T.Roe in summer of ‘21. I had grown bored of my running schedule and a friend suggested I try circuit training and knew just the guy. Training at Local Moves, with T. Roe’s guidance I’m now training for my first triathlon. Careful what you wish for, Thomas will deliver.

- Patricia R

Athlete on an obstacle course

I haven’t run on a treadmill since late 2016, let alone a Spartan Race. A pull up? Not since high school… Training with T. Roe at Local Moves I was able to hit a sub 7min mile on a tread, consistent 8 plus body weight pull-ups and my first Spartan race finish. Life is hard, Thomas is harder.

- Paul S

Athlete running a race

I just wanted to start “running” again. I missed it and haven’t run since the early 2000’s.

I started training with Tom in Summer of ‘21 and ran my first 5k Turkey trot that same year. His circuit training classes conditioned me beyond belief and gave me the confidence to run again.

- Kelly M